Your Questions Answered

What will the money fund?

The money you raise from the MegaMinds Quiz will go to Autistica, the UK’s leading autism research charity. 20 children in the UK are born with autism every day. Autism is a lifelong developmental disorder affecting how a person communicates and relates to others and the world around them. While all people with autism share certain difficulties, the condition will affect them in different ways. Many have complex problems including learning difficulties, epilepsy, depression, anxiety, and chronic sleep issues. The challenges that they face make it difficult for them to live happy and independent lives.

But research can change that.

By raising money for Autistica, you can make a positive impact on the lives of people with autism and their families. Your Mega Minds Quiz can help fund groundbreaking research to improve our understanding of autism and answer families’ biggest questions. You can help Autistica to improve diagnosis and develop innovative treatments and services to help those affected by autism to live long, healthy and happy lives.

When should we have the MegaMinds Quiz?

Mega March is a great time to host your quiz, as you can help Autistica to raise awareness of autism in the lead up to World Autism Awareness Day on 2nd April 2017. If March is too soon, plan your quiz any time this year. We’ll be relaunching a new quiz in early 2018, so you can make it an annual event.

Where should we host it?

There are so many great places you can host a MegaMinds Quiz. At your workplace, at home or in the garden, in a local pub, club or church hall. Wherever you feel comfortable.

How do I let people know about it?

Our downloadable quiz pack has everything you need to spread the word. There is a poster you can fill in with the details of your quiz and display at your work, church or community centre. There’s also an email template you can edit and use, and you can change your Facebook cover photo to our quiz logo. Use your social media profiles to invite people to your quiz and make sure you use our hashtag #megaminds to spread the word.

How much should I raise?

We appreciate that the bigger the crowd, the easier it is to raise money, but remember, you can raise extra funds on the night by selling raffle tickets, snacks, and introducing some extra games for a £1 fee. For every quiz raising £180, we can bring two families into a life saving research programme. If all MegaMinds Quizzes raise £180 each, then we can reach our target to fund a two-year research project at King’s College London. This will give the real mega minds the chance to find out how best to support the 79% of people with autism living with mental health difficulties. Don’t worry if you’re planning something smaller, we’re grateful for every penny you can raise.

How should I send the money I raise?

It’s super easy to pay your money to Autistica. If you collected donations at your quiz, please count the money and send to Autisitica by either; paying into your own bank account, then sending the amount online through, or paying it in via our website using our online donation form. Alternatively, you can post a cheque to:
St Saviour’s House
39-41 Union Street

More questions?

Feel free to get in touch. You can contact us on email at or call 0203 857 4340.